Thursday, January 1, 2015

Paper, Ink and Heart

I have a thing for to-do-lists, calendars, planners and journals. They are actually keeping
me sane, push me to keep going and help me to be productive.
Don't you just love that moment when you are able to check those to-do-items in bullet form?
And when we talk about schedules, well, they got to be followed as much as possible---On the dot. Alright, blame it to the melancholic side of me.
But hey you people who can relate, please raise your right hand! =)
I don't know if I'm the only one going through this but almost every end of the year,
something inside me is feeling giddy---and unquiet. It's more of being sleepless and restless, yeah, but in a good and let's-get-it-on-Lord-kind of way.  I bet I just want to evaluate myself, the things that I did or should've done and be set for the imminent year as it takes place.
And to fulfill this longing, last December 27, 2014 I went up to this certain
place, far from the buzz of a busy city where I could just be alone and spend more time
with the Lord---reading His Word, hearing His voice for a much needed guidance. Oh how I love the
serenity, solitude and stillness of this place. So perfect for a time of worship, prayer and fasting.
Not to mention, it's that time when I want to just....write down EVERYTHING! Every dreams and goals, every inch of plans and schedules, every single thought and prayers. Oh the bliss of seeing the spontaneity of my writing, ideas are pouring and overflowing!

Social media may have taught me to express what's on my mind, twitting every happenings
and posting eventful photos on Instagram but still nothing compares to writing things down in an old school way, you know, paper, ink and.....heart.
And this me, again. Shamelessly taking my year-end selfie in one of those breaks
 I did to catch up with my excited heart for year 2015!

Cheers to a year full of dreams being fulfilled!
Happy New Year,